Metaldek®24 Drill & Screw Roof Panel

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Metaldek®24 Drill & Screw Roof Panel Metal Roof Panel Profiles

   • Attractive metal roof profile which is widely accepted by the market.

2. Key Features

Ribs 5 high reinforcing ribs - 24mm, Possibility of water entry from the side lappings is low.
Coverage Wide effective coverage - 762mm
Roof Pitch High ribs allow roof pitch to be as low as 3º.
Fastening Easy and simple to install using power drills and screws.
Economical Provides an economic solution in comparison with other roof covering systems such as HICONDEK®40 Cliplock, which is more expensive.
Water "Proof" Provision of anti-capillary groove to serve as a break to stop upward travel of water due to surface tension.
Application Available in various thicknesses to suit different building applications. Please refer to our technical specification, which will recommend the ideal thickness for your required usage.
Warranty Our metal roof is fully backed by perforation warranty showing our commitment towards product quality.

3. Finish-Coat System
• Available in Ecocoat, Ezcoat, Quacoat Textured, Duracoat, Procoat, Aluminium-Zinc Alloy.

   • OSM Roofing panels are available in different types of Finish Coat System, which will determine the
     perforation warranty of our panels.

Panel Profile Steel Type Steel Finish Coat System Perforation Warranty
Metaldek®24 G550 High Tensile Steel EcoCoat 10 year
Metaldek®24 G550 High Tensile Steel EzCoat 15 to 20 year
Metaldek®24 G550 High Tensile Steel QuaCoat Textured 25 year
Metaldek®24 G550 High Tensile Steel DuraCoat 25 year
Metaldek®24 G550 High Tensile Steel ProCoat 25 to 30 year
Metaldek®24 G550 High Tensile Steel Aluminium & Zinc Alloy 25 year

* Kindly refer to Types of Finish Coat System for Roof Panel which details the types of steel coatings available. Unless
  specified, OSM Roofing panels is usually provided in EzCoat Finish Coat System from FIW Steel who is our designated
  principle supplier.

4. Panel Profile

      Panel  Effective Cover Width : 762mm
      Rib Height : 24mm

5. Accessories for METALDEK®24 Roof Panels

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