TwinZip®65 Structural Standing Seam Roof Panel

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TwinZip®65 Structural Standing Seam Roof Panel Metal Roof Panel Profiles

1. TwinZip® 65
   • Standing seam metal roof system that creates a continuous wind and water tight roof without any
     external exposed fixings.

   • Structurally sound metal roof system that gives excellent resistance to wind uplift with outstanding
     aesthetic properties.

2. Key Features

Ribs No of ribs per sheet: 2
Rib height: 65mm
Coverage Effective cover: 400mm
Roof Pitch High ribs allow roof pitch to be lower than 1º
Fastening Interlocked clip system that is fixed directly to the supporting structure with the metal roof seamed using proprietary motorized zipper
Economical Long run roof lengths can be produced reducing need for end laps, thereby speeding up construction
Roof sheets can be roll formed on site where sheet lengths exceed that can be delivered by road or when transport costs is too high
Water "Proof" High rib height ensure that possibility of water entry from the sidelaps is extremely low
Application Can be smooth, crimped, concave curved, convex curved, tapered or wave formed
Warranty Our metal roof is fully backed by perforation warranty showing our commitment towards product quality

3. Finish-Coat System
   • Available in Ezcoat, Quacoat Textured, Duracoat, Procoat, Aluminium-Zinc Alloy

   • OSM Roofing panels are available in different types of Finish Coat System, which will determine the
     perforation warranty of our panels.


Panel Profile Steel Type Steel Finish Coat System Perforation Warranty
TwinZip® 65 G300 Low Tensile Steel EzCoat 15 to 20 year
TwinZip® 65 G300 Low Tensile Steel QuaCoat Textured 25 year
TwinZip® 65 G300 Low Tensile Steel DuraCoat 25 year
TwinZip® 65 G300 Low Tensile Steel ProCoat 25 to 30 year

* Kindly refer to  Types of Finish Coat System for Roof Panel which details the types of steel coatings available. 

4. Panel Profile

  Panel  Effective Cover Width : 400mm
  Rib Height : 65mm
  Steel Thickness : Min 0.48mm (BMT)
5. Project References:
Item Project Title Project Location Project Area Year
1. Naza Motors - Gurun, Malaysia - 50, 000 sqm - June 2004
2. Naza Motors Extension - Gurun, Malaysia - May 2005 (Cover Area: 4, 000 sqm)
3. Tan Chong Motors Phase 1 - Rawang, Malaysia - Aug 2006 (Cover Area: 14, 000 sqm)
4. Tan Chong Motors Phase 2 - Rawang Malaysia - july 2007 (Cover Area: 13, 500 sqm)
5. Sports Stadium - Samarinda, Indonesia - May 2007 (Cover Area: 43, 000 sqm)
6. Seagate International - Johor, Malaysia - Dec 20007 (Cover Area: 30, 000 sqm)
7. MPJBT Carpark - Johor, Malaysia - Nov 2007 (Cover Area: 650 sqm)
8. Boker Huges - Labuan, Malaysia - March 2012 (Cover Area: 10, 000 sqm)
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