TwinZip®25 Architectural Standing Seam Roof Panel

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TwinZip®25 Architectural Standing Seam Roof Panel Metal Roof Panel Profiles

1. TwinZip®25

 • TwinZip® 25 Architectural Standing is full interlocking roof system, with a double-lock design.

 • In standing seam metal roof system, the edges of adjacent sheets of metal roof panels are turned
   up and are then interlocked using stainless steel clips. The stainless steel clips are in turn, fastened
   to the roof supports.

 • This unique interlocking design forms a weather tight unit and unlike other metal roof panels, no rivets
   or screws are exposed on the surface of the panels.

2. Key Features

   • TwinZip®25 Architectural Standing Seam is a upgrade from the classic corrugated and ribbed style
     metal roof panels. Standing Seam roof panels can be used in both roof and wall cladding applications.

   • Corrugated and ribbed style metal roof panels such as Metaldek®24 & Metaldek®26 can be
     roll-formed using 0.30mm - 0.42mm (BMT) steel. TwinZip®25 Architectural Standing Seam can only
     be roll-formed using minimum 0.42mm (BMT) G300 steel.

   • With TwinZip®25, the metal roof panels slot together tightly and snugly, and the raised narrow seams
     (25mm) provide excellent protection against the weather elements.

   • TwinZip®25 Standing Seam requires special crimping tools to manually crimp down the seams during
      installation. For long run roof panels, the interlocking process would however, require the use of our
      proprietory Robotic Zipper.

   • Fasteners would be hidden under the upraised/standing seams where the roof panels interlocked.
     Unexposed fasteners would mean lesser maintenance required in the long run.

3. Applications

   • The clean vertical lines of TwinZip®25 roof system is much more visually appealing than the classic
     corrugated metal roof panels and is strongly recommended for residential housings, presenting a
     contemporary look and feel.

   • Architectural components such as tapered or curved panels can be used for convex, concave or dome
     roof constructions.

   • Roof penetration features such as skylights and photovoltaic solar panels, can also be incorporated
     into the standing seam roof design.

4. Finish-Coat System

   • Available in Ezcoat, Quacoat Textured, Duracoat, Procoat, Aluminium-Zinc Alloy

   • OSM Roofing panels are available in different types of Finish Coat System, which will determine the
     perforation warranty of our panels.


Panel Profile Steel Type Steel Finish Coat System Perforation Warranty
TwinZip® 25 G300 Low Tensile Steel EzCoat 15 to 20 year
TwinZip® 25 G300 Low Tensile Steel QuaCoat Textured 25 year
TwinZip® 25 G300 Low Tensile Steel DuraCoat 25 year
TwinZip® 25 G300 Low Tensile Steel ProCoat 25 to 30 year

* Kindly refer to  Types of Finish Coat System for Roof Panel which details the types of steel coatings available. 

5. Panel Profile

Panel Effective Cover Width : 380mm
Seam height : 25mm

Steel Thickness : Min 0.42mm (BMT)
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