History Timeline

1995   Establishment of Overseametal Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
  Founder: Mr Phun Chan Kim (PIS)
  Acquisition of 1 unit roll forming machine
  Production in rented factory (5000 ft2) at Perindustrian Desa Cemerlang
1997   Shifting of production facilities to new purchased detached factory unit at Perindustrian Desa Cemerlang
  New factory unit: 20,000ft2 land area
2001   Demise of founder
  New Executive Director: Mr Vincent Phun
2003   Acquisition of one unit (20ft) lorry to cater for increased customer demands in delivery
  Acquisition of one unit uncoiler and one unit shearing machine
2005   Acquisition of mini-slitting machine
2007   Acquisition of 1 additional unit roll forming machine: Metaldek®26
  Achieve ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System certification
2013   Shifting of production facilities to new purchased detached factory at Kawasan Perindustrian Tebrau III
  New factory unit: 90,000ft2 land area
  In conjunction with the upgrade in factory facilities, the name: "Overseametal Manufacturing Sdn Bhd" is changed to
    "Overseametal Sdn Bhd", signifying a important milestone in the development of OSM roofing
  Rebranding of Overseametal corporate image
2014   Acquisition of 1 unit roll forming machine: Hicondek®40
  Acquisition of new auto bending machine for fabrication of flashings and cappings
  Establishment of Fort Steel Sdn Bhd
  Fort Steel specialises in the manufacturing, design and supply of light weight steel roof truss components and system
  Setting up of Marketing Division with the aim of promoting OSM Roofing to developers, architects and consultants
2015   Acquistion of 1 unit (40ft) lorry to cater for increased demands in product delivery
2016   New metal roof panels profile:
  Architectural Standing Seam - TwinZip®25
  Structural Standing Seam - TwinZip®65
2017   Focusing on providing total roofing solutions (TRS) which includes analysis of the sound insulation ability (STC) of a
     roof system and determining the appropriate heat insulation materials (R-value & K-value)
  Upgrade and attain ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification

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