Manufacturing Process

OSM roofing is manufactured from premium quality steel.

The manufacturing process for OSM roofing with EzCoat finish-coat system, can be broken down into five main stages:

1st stage
High tensile cold roll steel substrate is selected as base material (min 550Mpa)

2nd stage
The steel substrate is specially treated with a thick layer of metal protective coating comprising of either:
  • Pure Zinc protection: Z8 - Z27 (YKGI)
  • Zinc + Aluminium, alloy protection (Zincalume): AZ90 - AZ200 (Bluescope)
  • Zinc + Aluminium + Magnesium, alloy protection (Galmaxx Alpha): Y08 - Y27 (FIW)
3rd stage
The unpainted steel is then treated with an epoxy primer which contains a special pigment to futher help resist corrosion. The primer also helps to wet the steel surface to provide good adhesion for subsequent layers of coating.
Minimum nominal thickness of Primer: 5µm

4th stage
The treated steel is then coated with a layer of top quality polyester paint with excellent adhesive and weather resistant properties to provide a smooth and enduring finishing.
Minimum nominal thickness of Primer: 15µm

5th stage

By utilizing PLC automated technology, the prepainted steel undergoes continuous cold rolling which slowly and accurately forms our various roofing panel profiles.

Years of research and experience in the building and construction industry has provided us with a solid foundation to design the right roofing and cladding product for every building application.

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