TwinZip®65 Standing Seam Profile

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TwinZip®65 Standing Seam Profile ROOF & TRUSS PANELS

TwinZip®65 Standing Seam Profile

OSM® Twinzip®65 creates a continuous wind and water tight roof without any external exposed fixings. The structurally sound metal roof system gives an excellent resistance to wind uplift with outstanding aesthetic properties.

  • √  Powerful design with no exposures
  • √  Secured system prevents water entry
  • √  High ribs allow roof pitch to be as low as 1º

Materials available in

Zinc Coated
100% Zinc Coated Steel

Insulation Package

Zinc Coated
100% Zinc Coated Steel
Thickness (TCT) 0.47 , 0.48 0.50 0.56
Sirim Corrosion Class C4-T C5-I C5-M
Suitable for: Industrial areas and coastal  areas with moderate salinity Industrial areas with high humidity and aggresive atmosphere Coastal and offshore areas with very high salinity
Protection Coating Z180 Z275 Z275
MyHijau / Energy Star
Warranty (up to) 20 yrs - Corr
10 yrs - Color
30 yrs - Corr
10 yrs - Color
5 yrs - Dirt
30 yrs - Corr
15 yrs - Color
Paint System Polyester Superdurable Polyester Pvdf

  • 10kg/m3 Fiber Glass Wool
  • Aluminium Leno Foil (Alu/M)
  • Achieving good thermal resistance and sound transmission class

  • 16kg/m3 Fiber Glass Wool / 40kg/m3 Rockwool
  • Aluminium Woven Foil (Alu/M)
  • Achieving great thermal resistance and sound transmission class

  • 32kg/m3 Fiber Glass Wool / 80kg/m3 Rock Wool with Zed Spacer
  • Aluminium Tall Woven Foil (Alu/M)
  • Achieving excellent thermal resistance and sound transmission class

** Roof insulation system can be customised according to projects.

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