1) Why choose OSM?

OSM has been producing metal roof system for more than 2 decades and has been strict in adhering to the high standards of ISO9001 Quality Management System. 

2) Which part of Malaysia do we supply / deliver to? 

We are able to supply & deliver throughout Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. 

1) Which roof panel is suitable for my project? 

Each project is special & unique in the eyes of the owner & designer. OSM® is able to propose the perfect roof panel & system which is suitable for each project.

2) Is OSM®Hicondek®40 clip lock profile resistant to wind?

Yes. A wind resistant test on OSM®Hicondek®40 clip lock profile had been conducted based on AS 4040.2-1992 (Methods of Testing Sheet Roof and Wall Cladding – Resistance to Wind Pressures for Non-Cyclone).

3) Do I need to remove the old roof before installing new metal roof?

Yes you do. Rusty roof sheets are not good for your new metal roof as it might cause rust to it. In other situations, metal roof can be installed directly over the old roof.

4) Does metal roof cost more or less?

Metal roof is on average cheaper than clay tile roof.

5) Is metal roof environmentally friendly?

Metal roof is great for the environment as well as your home.  The materials are completely recyclable at the end of its lifespan, making it a green building material.

6) Is metal roof heavier or lighter than other roof?

Metal roof is lighter than most of the other roof materials.  Its weight will never be an issue on the roof structure.

1) What are lightweight roof trusses?

Lightweight roof truss is an engineered, structural framework of triangulated steel that provides support for a roof.  A roof formed using lightweight truss is highly cost effective. 

2) How do roof trusses work?

Roof trusses act like a lid on a box. They work by transferring the weight of the roof to the load bearing walls of the house.

3) How are trusses measured?

Trusses are measured using span & pitch.  Additional measurements are required when needing to match existing roof. We have experienced truss engineers to design & calculate all factors to suit the building.

4) What are the trusses made of?

Our trusses are made of lightweight steel with Z120 coating complying with MS SIRIM MS2660:2020.

5) Can trusses be cut/altered?

No. As an engineered product built for purpose, any moderations could affect the structural integrity of the truss.

6) What truss profile is best for my build?

Depending on your design & requirements, our engineers design & calculate the best way for your building considering safety & cost.

1) Is metal roof noisier compared to tile roof?

There is little difference between metal and other materials when it comes to noise from rain. Insulation system is important to achieve minimum STC (sound transmission control).

2) Can metal roof stand up to extremely hot weather?

Metal roof can withstand decades of abuse from extreme weather. A good insulation system helps you achieve comfortable temperature in the building. It reliefs you of high electricity bills too in the long run.

3) What’s the difference between OSM®Foamdek®25 and OSM® Plus/Pro/Prime insulation system?

Both product / system works and insulate well but OSM®Foamdek®25 has a higher cost compared to OSM® Plus/Pro/Prime insulation system. Nevertheless, OSM®Foamdek®25 is easier to install as it eliminates the procedure of laying wool.

1) How do I know if it’s time to install new roof?

An experienced roofer / roof installer will be able to tell if your building needs a new roof. We at OSM will also be able to advise you on that. Just give us a call to fix an appointment for a free consultation.

1) Will metal roof rust?

Depending on the type of materials, there are certain warranties involved in each product. For example, our OSM®Primero material has 20 years perforation warranty, whereas our OSM®AZ Basics has 25 years perforation warranty.

2) Does the color fade?

OSM®Primero material has 10 years warranty against colour performance.  

3) What’s the difference between RZ & AZ?

RZ material refers to 100% zinc-coated steel.  Whereas AZ refers to 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc, and 1.5% Silicon coated steel.  Both materials are able to protect the base metal from corrosion.  The type of coating and its thickness is one of the elements that determine the warranty period of the product.

4) When do we use aluminum roof?

Aluminum roof material is highly recommended for poultry farm…………..

5) Will dirt collect on a metal roof?

While metal roof requires very little maintenance, clearing it from debris and residue will keep it looking and working great, year after year. For almost zero maintenance, you can choose OSM®Thermoshield material.  Its paint coating is a special formulated system that enhances its durability with self-cleaning performance just by rainwater. Hence it has a warranty period of 5 years against dirt staining.

6) What is the life expectancy of metal roof?

Depending on the type of metal coat, thickness & paint system, the lifespan expectancy of a metal roof differs according to the material used. You can refer to each material’s warranty period to have a gauge of its life span.

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